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The 2013 Cottonwood Palo Verde Board of Directors members Kathy Skrei, Richard Hawkes, Don Hicks,
Nancy Pannebecker, Mel Rasmussen, Bud Jenssen, George Thomas,and Woody Neiman voted to form a committee to appoint five board members to begin the process of starting a community foundation.

December 13, 2013 Steve Nolan signed an agreement with the Rayndon Law Group to set up a non- profit organization named Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation.

April 2, 2014 the original five board members met for the first time and elected officers:
President - Stan Shores
Vice President/Secretary - Elaine Kraemer
Treasurer - Steve Schneck
Directors - Bob Carlson, Keith Nelson

April 21, 2014 Bylaws were presented to the board members and signed by all

April 22, 2014 Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission

September 19, 2015 A Letter of Determination was approved by the IRS. The foundation now began working as a 501 (c)(3) organization.


John Dobson Legacy

John Dobson was a champion for making Sun Lakes a better place. He took great pride in our community. When Steve Nolan, General Manager, approached John for help with the proposed administration building, Steve stated, "we can't do it without you, John, we'll even name the building after you!" John's financial advisors were telling him he needed a some tax relief. The wheels were set into motion.

As John aged, accessibility became more difficult for him due to macular degeneration. He became a fall risk and needed a walker to get around. Then he had to give up his beloved theater season tickets, he said he couldn't see, couldn't hear, and the walk from the car into the theater were just too difficult.

As a result of John's $100,000 donation, we were able to upgrade access to the building to make it easier for people to enter as they aged. Pictured are Steve Nolan, general manager with Foundation members Elaine Kraemer, Kelz Kelzenberg, Keith Nelson and Bob Carlson.

Christmas 2014, John's last Christmas, close friends Bud and Kathy Jenssen were driving into Sun Lakes with John. He asked them to take him by "my place" so he could see the Christmas tree in the window. He was living in an assisted living apartment, but they finally realized that he was talking about the John R. Dobson Administration Center his legacy.




Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation
25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd.
Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248